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: Civil Engineering Contractors ::

Terms and Conditions for Enlistment
1.a  Criteria regarding enlistment of Contractors:-
i.The Contractor/Firm should have an Engineering organization with atleast a Graduate Engineer having 10 years experience plus one Engineering Diploma Holder having 5 years experience of relevant discipline and maintain a minimum complement of transport equipment and construction tools and plants commensurate with the nature of work being done by them.
ii.The Contractor/Firm should have satisfactorily executed atleast two works, each individually costing not less than Rs. 25 lacs at the time of enlistment.
i.The Contractor/Firm should have an Engineering organization with atleast a Graduate Engineer have 5 years experience of relevant discipline and maintain a minimum complement of transport equipment and construction tools and plants commensurate with the nature of work being done by them.
ii.The Contractor/Firm should have satisfactorily executed atleast two works, each individually costing not less than Rs. 10 lacs at the time of enlistment.
i.The Contractor/Firm should have Engineering organization with an Engineering Diploma Holder having 3 years experience of relevant discipline.
ii.The Contractor/Firm should have satisfactorily executed atleast two works, each individually costing not less than Rs. 4 lacs at the time of enlistment.
The Contractor/Firm should have satisfactorily executed atleast two works, each individually costing not less than Rs. 1 lac at the time of enlistment
Track work:-
Contractors who desire to apply for registration of their names for track works such as relaying deep screening etc. are advised that these works involve safety of running trains and as such their establishment must have person/supervisors with necessary qualification on and experience. Such person will be examined for safety rules by the Administration orally or though a written test, before the name of the Contractors considered for registration against item.
These persons will also be subjected to a medical examination for their fitness and suitability.
2.Registration fees:-
The Contractor who are desirous of being enlisted should submit their application in prescribed performs fully furnished their credentials/necessary documents as desired there in with a non refundable registration fee of Rs. 5,000/- for D category, Rs. 7,500/- for C category and Rs. 10,000/- for category B deposited by the Contractor when their names will be in approved list of Contractors.
The annual fee of registration fee after registration will also have to be deposited in cash to Chief Cashier, DLW, Varanasi as the case may be and receipt of the same should be produced to the office of Chief Engineer/Dy. Chief Engineer, DLW, Varanasi.
3.Annual Fee:-
An annual fee of Rs. 1,000/- shall be charged from such registered Contractor to cover the cost of sending notices failing which the registration of such Contractor will remain suspended till deposition of annual fee.
4.Details of Documents, which are required to be Submitted:-
The Contractor/Firm desirous of enlistment in any of the classes shall submit the application form in the prescribed format as per Annexure in duplicate the following document.
i.(a) List of works under taken/executed during a period of 3 years proceeding the date of application on the proforma:

Name of work
Contract Agreement
Contract value
Actual amount of work done
Date of completion
Authority under which the work carried out

(b) Performance certificate for all works under taken/executed during the last 3 years from the Executive Engineer or equivalent / higher officers of the concerned department. the certificate should state name of work, Contract agreement no. and date. Contract value original and actual date of completion, reasons for delay in completion wherever applicable and performance.
ii.Affidavit for persons such as Engineer, Manager, Supervisor etc. working in the firm in the following format:

Name and Age
Date of

iii.(a) Affidavit from the Graduate Engineer/Diploma Holder working in the firm mentioning year of passing, discipline in which degree/diploma obtained and total working experience since the date of passing in  chronological order.
A copy of the degree/diploma certificate in favour of the graduate Engineer/ Diploma Holder working in the firm.
iv.Banker’s certificate from reputed Banks mentioning:
(a) In annual transactions during last three years in the saving / current or other accounts with the banks, and
(b) The reputation and amount unto which the firm can be treated as solvent
v.Balance sheet in respect of the firm for the last three years duly audited by the authorized agency.
vi.Solvency certificate for movable immovable assets owned by the Contractor issued by Tahsildar, Anchaladhikari. (It is valid for one year from the date of its issue).
vii.Affidavit for list of machinery plant, tools and equipment owned by the firm in the following format:

Name of Machinery & Plant, Tools
Description make capacity
Year of requisition
Present condition
Present location

viii.(a) Deed of partnership or Articles and memorandum of association.
viii.(b) Power of Attorney.
ix.(c) Affidavit in case the individual is sole proprietor of the firm.
x.Character certificate issued from DM/SP of the home District of the applicant. (It will remain valid for a period of 6 months only).
xi.Attested photo of all partners.
5.Documents submitted not in original like photocopies should be attested by a Gazetted Officer.
6.All affidavits submitted by the applicant must have on non-judicial stamp paper of requisite value and signed before notary.
7.The various certificates and documents furnished by the applicant shall be verified with original ones to ascertain their genuineness during the source of consideration of the application.
8.The application should be submitted complete in all respect, the documents attached should only be in the format prescribed vide item 4 above and legible leaving as ambiguity there in as no reference shall be made any documents accepted after submission of application shall be liable to be rejected summarily.
9.If the documents submitted by applicant is found fake during the course of application, they will not be considered for registration in any case for a further period of 3 years.
10.In respect of existing approval Contractors, confidential reports for the last 3 years shall also be verified.
11.All the Contractors on the railway are governed by N. Rly. Engg. deptt. general conditions of contract (as amended from time to time) and N. Rly. specification for material and works (as amended from time to time).
12.The registration will remain valid for a period of 3 years from the date of registration or till a decision communicated to them by the competent authority for not containing them on approved list of whichever is earlier. After 3 years such Contractors have to apply for registration a fresh.
13.The application of the Contractors for registration will be considered on merit and Railway will not be liable to assign any reason for Contractor not being spleated for registration.
Diesel Locomotive Works
(Engineering Department)
Form of Application For Use of Contractor / Firms for Their Registration as Approved Contractors
1.i.  Name of Applicant
ii.  Father’s name
iii. Full address
2.a. i. Name of firm
ii.   Address:
iii.  Name and address of the partners of the firm. (Certified copy of partnership deed of Articles of Association to be attached).
iv. Name and address of the persons (s) holding the power of attorney (Certified copy of power of attorney to be attached).
b. Name and address of sole Proprietor of the firm (Original affidavit from Court/Notary to be attached).
3.Name and address of Collaboration, if any
i.Nature of application by collaborator (s) in share holding of the company
ii.Extent and nature of proposed participation by collaborator (s) in execution of the work.
4.Class in which enrollment is sought:
Please state the class according to your experience and financial capacity in which you desire to be enlisted class.
i.Class ’A’ for work more than Rs. 50 Lacs and upto Rs. 1 crone.
ii.Class ’B’ for work  more than Rs. 25 Lacs and upto Rs. 50 Lacs.
iii.Class ’C’ for work more than Rs. 10 Lacs and upto Rs. 25 Lacs.
iv.Class ’D’ for work upto Rs. 10 Lacs.
5.Types of work (s) for which registration is desired. (Mention its number of the list given below). Separate list of Contractors shall be maintained, depending on the type and nature of work and will cover the following fields of activity and specialization:
a.Building and structure.
b.Wood work.
c.Water supply, drainage, and sanitary work.
d.Road work.
e.Supply of building material, maintenance and repair work.
f.Extra work for Rely. embankment / cutting including mechanized earth work.
g.Supply of ballast, boulders including loading, unloading and ballast train working.
h.Track works such as relaying, deep screening etc..
i.Steel works in bridge and sheds..
j.Steel painting works.
k.Execution of steel structure and Girder Bridge.
l.Bridge works.
m.Deep and under water foundation.
n.Heavy structure in presented concrete.
o.High rise building.
6.Do you have a permanent Engineering organization? if so give details.
7.Is any of your partner a Graduate Engineer? If so, with how many years of experience, please give details.
8.Reputation and performance of the applicant as Contractor.
i.Quality of performance in India (Brief narrative report).
ii.Testimonials from clients /Govt. Deptts. regarding performance of the Contractor / Company on the similar projects.
N.S. Original of attested copies of certificates of verifications of above details by the office under which works are carried out to be enclosed (Photostat copies should also be attested by the Gazetted Officer) Is there any etired Govt. / Railway Engineer or officer working in the organization If so, give full particulars of the Engineer/ Officer.
9.Is there any relative of the Director/Partner /Proprietors of the firm/ Contractor on the Railway? if so, furnish details of such relative (s).
10.(a) The Income Tax circle/ward/Distt. in which the Income Tax is assessed.
(b) The current and valid ITCC is to be furnished.
11.(a) Name of your Banker and full address.
(b) Give a certificate from your Bankers indicating your financial capacity and the extent unto which the bank is prepared to ender you financial assistance.
12.List of works undertaken/ executed during a period of 3 years proceeding the date of date of application (to  be shown and attached in separate statement on the following proforma).

Name of
Actual amount of work done
Date of compl-etion
Authority under which the work carried out
Certificate in original attached

13.Annual turn over for last 3 years.
14.List of workshop/ Machinery tools and plant owned by the applicant (Location, site of workshop and also full details regarding machinery, tools and plant etc. to be given and attached separately).
15.List of Transportation equipment’s with full details and registrations.
16.Do you own brick klin/ stone crusher?
17.What are your resources for supply of bricks, wood work, stone ballast, boulders, Course sand, stone lime unslacked, Sanitary items etc. for carrying out work, which may be awarded to you.
18.Technical qualification and experience of the Contractor/ Partner of firm and technical employee of the Contractor firm (attach separate list and necessary certificates daily (duly) attested).
19.Are you on the approved list of Contactors on any other Railway, Other deptt. of Central Govt., Sate Govt.? If so, give registration no. and items for which registered showing the amount qualified to tender. (Original certificate or attested copy of certificate is to be attached.).
20.Has the applicant or Partners of the firm or Directors ever been black listed in the past any Govt. Deptt. / Organization / Other state?
21.Has the applicant applied for registration elsewhere in his name or other’s name? If so, whether the application is rejected. Give details.
22.Amount of the solvency certificate which the applicant has hold or has produced.
23.Whether the Contractor desires to keep standing earnest money with Rlys. as detailed below for exemption from deposition of earnest money at the time of tendering or will pay earnest money along with each tender.
i.For Class - A        -        Rs. 1,50,000/-
ii.For Class - B         -        Rs.    75,000/-
iii.For Class - C        -        Rs.   35,000/-
iv.For Class - D        -        Rs.   15,000/-
24.Character certificate of the Contractor/Partners of the Firm / Attorney holder of the firm is to be attached. (Character certificate from Distt. Magistrate / S.P. of the home Disc. at time of applying registration is to be attained and furnished).
I/We  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . do hereby declare that the  . . . . . . . . . . . . .  in this application form are true to the past of my / our knowledge. I / We shall be bound by the acts of my/ our duly constituted attorney. I / We also undertake to inform the Dy.CE, DLW all subsequent changes in the address, constitution or working of the firms, affecting the accuracy of the answers now given.
Place ...................
Date ...................                                                                  Signature .............................
(Designation of persons signing the Application Form-Proprietor, Partner, Manager etc.)

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